Rolling out an 11-mile welcome mat

Goal: Build a vibrant front door for NKY

Partners: Southbank Partners, St. Elizabeth, The R.C. Durr Foundation; Cities of Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, Ft. Thomas, Army Corp of Engineers

Riverfront Commons will be an 11.5-mile uninterrupted walking, running, and biking trail and open park space system that links our six river cities to the City of Cincinnati and other local trail systems. It’s the keystone of a transformative riverfront corridor that promotes regional economic development and quality of life. OneNKY Alliance has committed to driving financial and community support for the match grant needed for Phase 1 infrastructure grant through the Army Corp of Engineers.

Collaborating under one roof

Goal: Centralize our growth strategies

Partners: The Catalytic Fund of Northern Kentucky, Corporex, NKY Community

To accelerate growth throughout Northern Kentucky, OneNKY Alliance is recommending OneNKY, a go-to location for regional development. OneNKY is a signature building that, in one central space, will house the organizations responsible for our future economic development—all under one roof. By sharing resources and costs, and collaborating on growth initiatives, these groups will be building regional efficiencies and centralized strategies. We are working with local leaders and economic entities to build support for this aggressive, progressive idea.