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OneNKY Summit Initiatives

Picture a healthy, vibrant community through a growth-oriented regional economy driven by educational excellence, social mobility and a united view of the future.

Fast-forward to a community that drives strategic change through action. That recognizes the need for transformation. A community that demands results.

You’ve identified the reason for the 1NKY Summit Series, conducted through outreach to NKY’s growth organizations; Judge Executives and elected official sessions and other stake holder groups. The first Quarterly update session was held October 24, 2019; and we roar into 2020 with sessions planned for January 22 and April 22. The second 1NKY Summit is scheduled for July 22.

Outcomes from the Series to date indicate an interest in moving several initiatives forward over the next 12-18 months. The intent is to drive NKY forward through select transformative initiatives that offer tangible, measurable results. And to keep the conversations moving forward as NKY becomes an even stronger part of this region and the Commonwealth.


Goal: Provide NKY with a unified voice for growth within the CMSA and Frankfort
Initiative: Fund, Develop and Implement the NKY brand identity
  • This work will focus on local, regional and state brand outreach as NKY becomes an even stronger part of the CMSA and a unified voice in Frankfort;
  • Professionally addresses the creation of a shared community narrative, inclusive of target audience and measurable objectives while leveraging our position within the Cincinnati region and Commonwealth;
  • The 1NKY Frankfort facility and planned 1NKY HQ in Covington will create opportunities for strategic advocacy, shared services and growth resulting in an ease of business.
The ASK: Branding Process:
1NKY Frankfort
$10,000 sponsorship levels
Various sponsorship levels
Goal: Increase the pool of available workers in NKY
Initiative: Strengthen our talent pipeline by providing work-based learning experiences for secondary students within high demand industry sectors
  • Our branding efforts will impact talent attraction efforts for NKY;
  • The talent who come to NKY for purposes of career advancement, quality of life will also choose to raise families, choose schools, etc.
  • Our talent pipeline is strengthened through the ongoing career development of our secondary school students;
  • Through GROW NKY work-based learning experience, secondary school students will advance through apprenticeships and internships – preparing them for immediate and valuable entry into the workforce or next stage of education.
The ASK: GROW Sponsorships ranging from $10 – $100 k
Participation in work-based learning framework from industry, education and community stakeholders
Goal: Accelerate real estate development in the urban core and throughout the NKY region
Initiative: Develop shovel ready sites complete with funding to attract office and industrial businesses to NKY along with supporting residential, retail, hospitality and entertainment developments that enhance the quality of place necessary to attract talent.
  • Our increased brand identity will attract talent as well as expand businesses, but we need places to put them!
  • Given NKY’s potential for growth, we need developable locations, pad-ready sites, and in some cases,
    move-in ready product.
  • Spatial data analytics and real estate market intelligence will inform how we address our region’s real estate needs.
  • We will leverage the funding and operational platform already established by the Catalytic Fund to create an additional pool of investment capital for our urban core and to activate the Northern Kentucky Port Authority as a vehicle to extend the Catalytic Fund’s place-based investment program regionally.
The ASK: $2 Million for a Flexible capital pool for place-based investments in NKY’s urban core
($550,000 already in hand)$1 Million of operating capital to activate the Northern Kentucky Port Authority and
create a regional site readiness strategy.
Goal: Make it easy to do business in NKY
Initiative: Establish a comprehensive intelligence unit to identify data-driven community and business needs and opportunities for growth
  • We are considering a variety of regional services that make it easy to do
  • business in NKY
  • There are also a variety of (perceived) community needs that should be addressed
  • There are conflicting or non-existent sources of data to base decisions
  • This service will provide access to consistent, supporting data from which to analyze and determine a direction – both public and private
The ASK: $75 – $125k Operational

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